How to reach the shore of piha beach


Piha is one of the popular beaches in New Zealand. This coastal settlement is on the Auckland region at the west coast. The population of this area is about 600 only. This is the best place for the people of Auckland to spend the time in summer. This beach is 39 kilometers away from the west of the city Auckland. The north of piha is covered by whites beach and the south is covered by mercer bay. Some of the other beaches nearer to this beach are karekare and anawhata. This coastal settlement area is rich in its natural beauty and separation. There are two surf beaches in this area along with several streams and sheltered lagoon. One who likes to reach this place can sue the piha shuttle of transport companies in Auckland. There are many transporting companies in Auckland that could take the people to this place since there are no proper transport facilities in this area because of its nature.

This beach contains rugged coastline and forest areas that let the people to walk and tramps that ranges from easy to difficult. This beach is known by the people for its black sand beach. This is because of the presence of rich iron in the sand as it is in the volcanic region. The black iron sand covered the coast from entrance of the beach to the river Waikato. This sand is produced by the eruption of a volcano called taupo. This beach is a small bay that contains volcanic rocky islands in the south and north. Taitomo Island covers the south of this beach. At the further south of this beach is the gap. This beach was noticed by the sportsmen who are surfers fight against the tides and waves using the surf boards. Thus the number of people who visits this beach gets increased. If you are one of the people who like to visit this beach, you can use the piha shuttle from Auckland to reach piha.

From the year 1930 this place was frequently visited by the surfers. This beach becomes popular and best place for surfers after the arrival of mailbu board in the year 1958. This beach becomes the high popular because of the arrival of beachgoers who like to swim and enjoy surfing. To enable the visitors there are beachfront parking. This makes the beach piha easily accessible by the people and increase the number of people visiting the beach. Even if the beachfront parking gets full, people will park their vehicles in the domain. Then they will walk for few minutes to reach the beach. Piha surf club is there for the safety of people who visit the beach. This was the first club that is established in the year 1934. Facilities such as changing sheds and public toilets are available. If you want to reduce the comfort of parking the vehicles in the beachfront parking, you can hire piha shuttle and enjoy the time playing in the beach well with no tension.

Tips for effective newsletter writing


Newsletters are the articles that are written to popularize a product or service of the company. The newsletter would be sent to the mails of the registered clients of the company. One who is writing a newsletter should be attentive while composing it. The Newsletter Writing is an art, so the person who is interested in writing these articles can only efficiently provide a good quality newsletter. The person who is writing the newsletter should maintain the tone and the content of the newsletter. They should do research about the products and services they want to promote and make use of that research to write the contents. Most of the companies will have an expert to write a newsletter for their new products. The newsletter should be periodically updated to the client’s or the clients. This will help an organization to popularize their new products or services.

The writer should provide a unique document for the newsletter so the company can promote their products efficiently. Any company should do Newsletter Writing to promote their products or services in the market. This task is very interesting and helps the customers to know about the products and services that are going to be launched. The company should collect the contact details of their clients and customers to send their newsletter. They should send the newsletter to all the customers in their database. This will make the customers aware of the new products launched in the company. This process will be helpful to popularize the new product in the market. Most of the customers read the newsletter to know about the particular product of the company before purchasing it. The company can make use of the internet to publish their newsletters publicly where anyone can access it. They should update the newsletters regularly.




The most outstanding testing centers for IELTS magnetize many people these days


The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) gets a reputation from satisfied candidates, international companies, and leading universities worldwide. Candidates of IELTS can get a range of testing centers and institutions for attending and learning IELTS. International companies and leading universities can accept qualified people with sufficient proficiency in the English language without a need to conduct a test again.  Many IELTS testing centers in New Zealand give happiness and convenience to residents here. These testing centers have a dedication to supporting candidates at all the time. Reasonable prices of IELTS NZ tests give satisfaction to all candidates at this time. As compared to more than estimated difficulties in other testing systems, IELTS has the most expected set of elements that support candidates to get a high grade. The test structure of this testing system involves four sections. Candidates have to keep concentrating on listening, reading, writing, and speaking sections carefully. This is because of a small mistake affects candidates’ goal on this testing system,ielts exam preparation .

Inhabitants in New Zealand with a desire to attend IELTS have a need to be aware of testing centers. They can choose any location among Auckland, Queenstown, Dunedin, Hawkes Bay, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Hamilton, Christchurch, Rotorua, New Zealand, Nelson, and Wellington to get the best support from a reputable testing center.  Many students now prepare different programs that improve their proficiency in the English language. They have to attend this testing system when they have an idea to go to abroad to do higher studies or work. They can select the Academic Version of IELTS to realize their expectations. The General Training Version is suitable to people who would like to go to any English-speaking country through a trouble-free immigration process. The main beneficial issue about this leading testing system is no minimum score requirement to pass this test.

Find #10 online lead generation techniques for professional business farms.


Due to massive technological development the traditional lead generation techniques have transformed into modern online lead generation strategies. Online lead generation techniques help businessmen and website owners to reach more potential customers within the shortest time. However, you need to know about the techniques of online lead generation to generate more leads successfully and effectively. Let’s find top ten techniques of online lead generation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO is one of the most effective techniques of online lead generation. Nowadays, online visitors prefer Google or Yahoo to find solution for their virtual problems. You can find many potential clients placing your website on the right niche of search engines. Promote your website on search engines with engaging contents and relevant keywords so that online visitors feel interest to review the content. Place automatic quote forms on the right place of your website to encourage visitors to leave their personal address including email address and phone number.

Social networking:

Social media like facebook and twitter can play an important role to promote business communication with potential clients. At present, most of the online marketers prefer social media to introduce their products or services with thousands of potential clients online. If you are an owner of online professional farm, you can create social media fan page for your business farm to capture attention of social media users. Social networking can be the most affordable and easiest way for online lead generation.

Pay Per Click Advertising:

You may choose pay per click advertising to facilitate the process of online lead generation. Pay per click (PPC) advertising allows you to take control over your online lead generation for your professional business farm. Pay per click advertising will help you to make a list of leads with potential clients and audiences. There are thousands of online clients those seek solution of their problem on search engines through pay per click advertising.  This is an online lead generation technique that lets online marketers to build a list of leads on the most inexpensive way.


Nowadays, webinar is highly recommended and cost-effective way of online lead generation for professional farms. Webinars are equivalent to online seminars where attendees register to attend at the seminars. You can collect the registration forms online to find required information about your target audiences and clients. Select an engaging topic for webinars at which online visitors are interested. You should determine the topic of webinar based on your business purposes. This is an inexpensive technique for online lead generation. Thus, you may turn the attendees of webinars into your potential customers for your next sales.


Lead Generating Websites:

Open a lead generating website to achieve potential leads for your professional online business farms. Design your lead generating website with attractive features and important information so that online visitors are interested to visit your website. Make your lead generation website engaging with relevant keywords and quality contents to grab online visitor attention to your website. Keep in mind without informative lead generation website you cannot find any benefits from the site. Make it easy for your clients to understand the value position of your website. With the lead generating website you can find dramatic feedback in your lead generation process.


Creating a high quality e-newsletter is one of the easiest and effective ways for online lead generation. Promote your e-newsletter with relevant keywords and quality contents to get more subscribers to your e-newsletter. You can generate a great numbers of new and potential leads when online visitors will spend some time on your e-newsletter. Besides, you can use the e-newsletter to describe your services and products of your company. Offer online visitors and readers a free subscription to sign up your e-newsletter. It will help you to generate leads of potential customers and target audiences. Just keep in mind the more informative your e-newsletter, the more online readers will read the contents.

White paper distribution:

White paper distribution is another great way to generate leads online for professional business farms. You can distribute white papers on your personal website or on third parties’ websites to generate quality leads within the shortest time. You can establish credibility of your website and generate qualified leads with the help of white paper distribution. It also offers great chances of pay per click advertising for online marketers.

Industry research report:

This is a key technique to generate qualified leads online. Publishing industry research report is one of the excellent ways to generate new and qualified leads. Industry research report will help you to increase credibility and acceptance of your company or product among the thousands of potential customers. It works as an automatic lead generator to generate potential and quality leads. Furthermore, industry research report boosts credibility and quality of online brands. Make an industry research report with exceptional and engaging research topic to attract attention of target audiences to the research report. With the online lead generation technique you can reduce marketing cost of your product or service and promote credibility of your online brand.


Blogging is widely used technique of online lead generation. It facilitates the way of lead generation with quality contents and relevant keywords. Blogging is considered as the most effective driver of leads to the websites. Although it doesn’t work directly to generate leads it helps online marketers to have qualified leads for their websites. Through blogging you can place different quality contents on search engines to achieve more traffic of your website. Besides, you can upload your blog posts on social networking sites like facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn to get notifications of potential online visitors.

Online marketing Video:

At present, most of the online markets prefer video clips to preset their products and services among online visitors and customers. With the online marketing video you can easily describe and present your products or services to the potential customers. In addition, you can introduce your sales team with target audiences and customers through online marketing video. It is an inexpensive but effective way to generate qualified leads.


The most common benefits of consuming mole mapping service in Auckland


Moles are visible almost in everyone’s skin, according to medical science it is normal fact. But when it appears with abnormal looking and feeling, it can be a matter of tension for you. Consult with a dermatologist immediately to map your moles in order to find any symptoms of skin cancer. You can get an absolute mole mapping Auckland by professional and skilled dermatologists along with advanced technology. Let’s find what are the benefits of mole mapping?

Finding abnormal moles:

With mole mapping you can find abnormal moles in your skin those are highly responsible to cause life threatening skin cancer. Mole mapping in Auckland is highly effective and affordable as well to detect and prevent malignant melanoma skin cancer. Abnormal malignant moles can grow in our skin silently and covertly and sometimes it may be impossible to find out the mole with naked eyes. In such a particular situation, mole mapping can help you to detect abnormal and malignant moles in your skin.

Checking symptoms of skin cancer:

Mole mapping helps to check out invisible symptoms of skin cancer. Including Australia, New Zealand, USA, and UK dermatologists across the world depend upon mole mapping to examine symptoms of melanoma in human body. Critics say mole mapping is one of the most advanced and cost-effective ways of detecting the cause and symptom of fatal skin cancer.

Detecting position of malignant moles:

With the help of mole mapping dermatologist can easily detect the position of harmful moles in the human body. Mole mapping Auckland has got massive progression in detecting malignant moles and skin cancer symptoms.

Preventing malignant melanoma:

In medical science it is believed that early diagnosis can bring early cure for diseases. Mole mapping works as the most advanced way of diagnosing melanoma in human body. And the procedure helps consumers to be protected from malignant skin cancer.

How to purchase wine from fine wine delivery company?


If you are a citizen of New Zealand, you have probably heard about fine wine delivery. Fine wine delivery company is an established and successful wine retailer in New Zealand. This is a popular name to the people who love to drink wine and beer. It is so easy to purchase quality wine from the wine distributor. Let’s find how customers can purchase wine from fine wine delivery company.

v  Being 18 years old is first and foremost requirement to purchase wine from fine wine delivery company. You know it is illegal to sell and distribute wine among the customers who are under 18.

v  If you want to purchase wine from fine wine delivery company, you have to order online. Login fine wine delivery company’s website to order and purchase your preferred wine.

v  You have no need to go any wine shop to purchase wine; remaining at home you can order wine.

v  You need to credit card like PayPal, American Express, and MasterCard to pay for your order. Besides, you can pay direct on fine wine delivery company’s bank account.

v  Determine what wine you want to purchase and order the wine through email or over the phone. While ordering never forget to provide required information and address.

v  Note when you want to receive your ordered wine from our sales representatives. According to your convenient time our team members will reach you with your ordered wine.

It is really so easy to purchase quality wines from fine wine delivery company. You just need to follow the above mentioned simple instructions to purchase wine from fine wine delivery.

Choose a perfect model of smartcat ultimate scratching post to protect your indoor furniture from scratching and clawing.


Installing a smart cat ultimate scratching post in your house you can prevent your kitten or cat from scratching on indoor furniture and floor. Here the most crucial factor is choosing the best model of scratching post to repel kitten from scratching on furniture. You should purchase or make an attractive and enchanting smartcat ultimate scratching post so that your cat are encouraged to scratch on it. It will help you to protect your furniture from tiresome scratching and clawing. However, make a smartcat ultimate scratching post with attractive and engaging design.

How you can choose the right kitty scratching post?

There are different models and designs of smartcat ultimate scratching posts, but all aren’t suitable for your kitten. You can find the best model and design of a scratching post on the following ways.

Search online

Visit retail shop

Consult with a veterinarian

Search online:

This is the easiest way to find the best model of a smartcat ultimate scratching post. There are many online shops like Amazon and eBay where you can find a fit scratching post with perfect size, design, and model. Searching online you can find comfortable and affordable smartcat ultimate scratching post easily.

Visit retail shop:

Visit your nearby scratching post retail shop to find the best smartcat ultimate scratching post for your cat. If you don’t get your desired scratching post in the retail shops, you can order them to make a scratching post according to your choice and preference.

Consult with a veterinarian:

You can consult with a veterinarian to guess what smartcat ultimate scratching post would be suitable and comfortable for your kitten.


An amortization mortgage calculator helps to calculate mortgage payment on principal loan balance


An amortization mortgage calculator displays how much amount of mortgage payment would be paid toward principal over the life of mortgage. In addition, this calculator lets borrowers to see how much they can save by preparing principal. You can use an amortization mortgage calculator as a complete guide to your payment schedule. Let’s find how to use an amortization mortgage calculator?

Instructions to use an amortization mortgage calculator:

An amortization mortgage calculator calculates mortgage payment toward mortgage principal based on the following factors:

Amount of the principal loan balance:

Principal loan balance is an important factor to estimate the amount of mortgage payment over the life of loan. An amortization mortgage calculator depends of the amount of principal loan balance to figure out the total amount of mortgage payment. So, enter amount of the principal loan balance in the definite box of amortization mortgage calculator.

Interest rate of mortgage:

It is another important factor based on which an amortization mortgage calculator can calculate to the gross amount of mortgage payment. Interest rate can differ based on several factors including down payment, total mortgage amount, borrower’s economic sufficiency, monthly income, and saving, and more. You put your mortgage interest rate in the interest rate box of mortgage calculator.

Term of mortgage:

An amortization mortgage calculator requires term of loan to estimate the total amount of mortgage payment. There are different terms of mortgage; you need to enter your own mortgage term into the term box of amortization mortgage calculator.

Duration of mortgage:

Duration of mortgage is one of the key factors to determine mortgage repayment over the life of mortgage. There are different types of mortgage of different time frames such as 10 years loan, 12 years loan, 15 years loan, 25 years loan, and 30 years loan, and more. Enter your particular mortgage duration into the duration box of amortization mortgage calculator.

 Calculate payment schedule:

Now click ‘calculate’ to see your monthly payment along with mortgage amortization schedule. It will show you that your monthly mortgage payment goes toward the mortgage at the early of each year.

Calculate interests and savings:

An amortization mortgage calculator will help you to calculate your gross interests and savings toward principal loan balance. Enter monthly and yearly additional mortgage principal to calculate prepaying amount against mortgage. Using the calculator you can determine how much amount of money you can save against your extra mortgage payment.

Be an independent real estate Auckland investor.


You can start your business as an independent real estate investor in Auckland. An independent real estate investor buys land or a house and resells it at an attractive price to the clients. If you have enough money in your hand, you can invest it in the real estate Auckland marketplace as an independent investor. Let’s talk about the ways of becoming an independent real estate investor in Auckland, New Zealand.

Fix your investing area either commercial real estate or residential real estate. Study real estate market in your desired area of Auckland. The rate and demand of properties can vary place to place. So, before invest in your preferred area, study real estate market in that area. Examine that what kind of property and price range is feasible for you to start your business in the real estate Auckland market. Keep it in mind that the more knowledge you have, the more you will feel comfortable to invest in the property market.

Determine how much money you have to put into real estate business as a down payment. Make your business plan and try to go according to the plan. Consult with a loan officer to take a loan or mortgage. It may be required to put 20% money on the total property as a down payment. If it is possible, you should pay the down payment at your own financing.

You need to save for a down payment earlier, if you haven’t money as a down payment. Most of the real estate Auckland authors believe that an independent real estate investor should save 5% of the value of property as an emergency fund.

Make an offer or discount on your property to get more potential customers.  If it is necessary hire experienced contractors to repair your property. If you want to sell the property take the help of a real estate agent. On the other hand, if you want to rent the property to take the help of a real estate Auckland manager.



Academic coaching implements exclusive techniques to meet students’ desire academic objectives:


Academic coaching helps students to achieve their expected academic result through goal setting, motivation, encouragement, and one to one dialogue. An academic coach can provide proper direction to reach their desired goal. Academic coaching helps students to acquire their academic goals and objectives. In academic coaching exclusive techniques are implemented to grow students’ basic academic skills and potentialities. An experienced academic coach can decrease the gap between the ability and achievement. When you are determined to achieve the highest score in the final examination among the total students in a classroom; you have to be extra-ordinary in the academic skills like reading, writing, and mathematical problem solving.

In coaching students can solve their academic problems at hand with the help of coaches. They can converse with the other students about their problems and can find out the ways of problem solving. Coaches teach students in a directive and structured way. Comprehensive techniques are applied to make the students confident, self-reliant, and motivated. Students can promote their ability to think more effectively and solve problem quickly with the help of an academic coach. Academic coaching makes students self-disciplined in all their activities both in the classroom and outside of the classroom.

Academic coaching provides a roadmap of the success to the students. Based on the directions and techniques students can realize their ultimate goals and objectives that they have to acquire. The academic coaching process involves an initial process of the self assessment through the weekly model test and examination. It improves the overall learning experience for the students and helps to strengthen their academic skills and knowledge. A set of techniques helps students to promote their skills in reading, writing, critical analysis, conversation, and mathematical problem solving. Ultimately, academic coaching provides support for the students who want to complete their academic degree with  greater success and excellence.

Find the latest trends and styles of the big menswear:


We provide the latest cutting-edge big menswear aimed at the modern men with big body. For many years we have been offering quality big menswear for the big body consumers. You know finding large sized clothes is not a straightforward task. Most of the time it seems difficult for the big men to find accurate sized shirts, jeans, trouser, coats, suits, jackets, and any other clothing accessories. We have highly experienced fashion designers who are always dedicated to produce actual sized big men clothing. Our designers are trying to minimize gaps between regular sized customers and big sized customers.

We give priority of customers’ choices and preferences and try to deliver clothes according to their choices. Our highly tailored designs can increase your appearance on occasions, parties, and events. We offer the most comprehensive ranges of colors, styles, sizes, and qualities for the big body customers. You can purchase big menswear of the world leading brands such as Ed Baxter Jeans, Double Two Shirts, Duke Shirts, Jockey Underwear, and Paradigm Shirts, and more. We search the whole world to find the quality menswear for the big body men. You can purchase all of these branded clothes comparatively at the lowest price in our shop.

Our big men’s clothing ranges include big shirts, long jeans, big polo shirts, long trousers, big T-shirts, big under wears, big suits, big coats, and long sleeve shirts, and more. You can meet your any types of shopping needs in our shop. We believe that shopping is an investment and our big men clothing range must provide you an exciting shopping experience. You can save your time and money making an exclusive shopping in our big men shop. We do believe in customers’ satisfaction rather than making excessive profit.

You can choose your desired big men clothing from a wider range of clothes such as jeans, coats, work wear, jogging clothes, shirts, T-shirts, polo shirts, trousers, underwear, and nightwear, and more. You can choose any of these categories remaining in your home. You can search details of your desired products on our official website. We provide the best tailoring big menswear for our customers. Our experienced designers offer you the perfect sized suits and coats to make you more attractive on any special occasions. Besides you can consult with them to choose the perfect sized clothes for your big body figure.

People who have big physical structures they often fall into hardship on the shopping. The main problem is to choose the perfect size and quality. We offer big menswear with eight major sizes including 1XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6ZL, 7XL, and 8XL. You can find here 54” trousers and 20” collar shirts in our shops. We make sure the perfect fit for big men customers. Login to our official website you can choose your desired sized big men clothes. You can also order and pay through online payment systems such as PayPal, Master Cards, and Visa Cards. Our online payment procedure is reliable and hassle free.

Life Insurance NZ- Family protection benefit.


When a person sets up a life insurance NZ plan, his prime aim is to make sure an economic protection for the family members. Policy holders have various motivations for setting up New Zealand life insurance; however the main motto is to pay off the mortgage and debts. If an insured is the only one wage earner for his family members he has to make sure their all types of demands from the ongoing income. Sometimes it seems difficult for a man to afford for the all family members because of the increasing living cost in New Zealand. In this particular situation only a life insurance company can make sure protection of your family.

life insurance NZ

Among some of the common needs paying off debts and mortgage is very important to the general people of New Zealand. Life insurance NZ offers multiple options for the debtors to pay off their debts. It enables an insured to cover his whole debt within the certain period of time. In New Zealand for most of the families, life insurance policy is the best way to remove all types of economic burden. Purchasing life insurance policy one can make sure financial protection for his dependence in any unexpected economic crisis.

Some life insurance NZ plans designed to offer flexible rates of insurance policy for the impoverished economic group. Middle ranged income families receive the lower rated premium package to afford their monthly payment. Family protection benefit or survivors income benefit premium package provides economic protection to the family members of a demised insured. If a deceased insured has school, college and university going sons or daughters, they will get a certain amount of interest to afford their educational cost. This type of life insurance NZ option operated with different traditional life insurance policies to make sure the family protection of an insured.

born to love

Most of the universal years above the River, we are born in this era, unbiased, nor too slow, was born in our days. We grow this land, numerous buildings, bright lights; we stop at the coast, cold traffic, fame, conflict … …
So we blame the channel view, who wants to travel to appear rich in the end. As the historian Toynbee, he was born in China in the First century AD, to experience many cultures into a dazzling beautiful scene. But as Dickens said: “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. “Every era has its two sides, and so in times to be actively involved, even if in a bustle, as long as the Lei kinds of chrysanthemums in the heart, as in the pure land.
Remember the Xuan Zang of the Tang era, when only beacon signal, Jin yan, Palau, transportation difficulties, but he takes the risk far, lonely levy policy, across more than 120 countries, “better w/survival, never East or survival” faith, and ultimately achieving India, learn from return to Tang. From then on, the more souls of the devout wash themselves in the Buddhist scriptures. Xuanzang is not born in this age of advanced technology, but the faith in his heart, reached the heart of the Holy land. Therefore, environmental restraint is not important, what we have to do is adapt to the times, tries his best to land at the foot of tree-planting flowers, soul source of conservation.
And so today’s fast-paced, we on a daily basis, for net heart myself a cup of tea, there is nothing that disturbs us; the face of moral decline and the current state of apathy, should stick to the heart to the truth, they lit a ray of light for the world.
Born in one side, carefully walk every step well, despite years of sound-sound of footsteps fall on the one side, wandering soul heartily, to feel the past simple, figure out the future of development. Xiong Zhaozheng deep impression that famous writer. Walking alone in the Huangshan mountain in the rainy, he does not feel lonely, because each of the Huangshan mountain, each water, wood was waiting for his drinking buddy of the Millennium, splendid with him, and he completed a spiritual dialogue between the mountains, let him discover a thousand years time left precept.
As Marie Curie said: “I think that people in each period can be an interesting and useful life. “Life in this reinforced cement built into of era, we also still found have self of value, while also can in soul clean in the smell Palace commercial corner levy feather, line righteousness ceremony intellectual letter, I cannot catch Li Bai of spring peaches and plums Banquet, also didn’t want to to future of Saturn Shang live, I needs of is good love feet of land, enjoy one side of landscape, then let soul carrying take ancient of useful of thought, eyes are hidden behind strands future of wonderful, and song and line, foot carry!
“Comment” article for a topic, is vivid, more reserved, poetic. “One side” contemporary, “non-bank”, flying hearts, “past”, “contemplating future.” former thrown by Madame Curie, which raised mainly by Arnold j. Toynbee, Han na, Irena, full text focusing on the material to suit the meaning. It focuses on the “what” perspective of the subject, combining aspects of two writes, embodies a concept of art. In terms of ideas from both sides of the era, leads to “blame”, then raise a point then Xuan Zang, for example to prove; and to come up with, “was born in the golden age”, hold on to the truth, take care of the title of the first half. On this basis, discuss how to do it “without Bank”, and a writer’s experience as an example for demonstration, look out for the second half of the title. Concluding the full text, proposed a way to solve the problem. Clear, well structured. Arguments typically targeted. Language is like a literary talent. Written very well, scaled and clean. Reason analysis of impressive enough, also had blemishes on the language, but still a better written article.

Careful attention to life

“I treat other people’s lives like porcelain, handle with care, for fear of injury. “Careful the lives of others, to prevent small mistakes cause big damage, to gain trust, harvest, harvest continues to force for good.
Expeditions have been holding your breath, relaxed pace, but inadvertently leave a candle, but forced beautiful Elves out of their homes. Chai Jing said in the book see: “morality is not without weaknesses, we would like to see it, and then suppress it. “Thus, the attentive care for the lives of others, efforts will hurt may decrease and do not be ashamed of shadow over his good heart.
Hot men waiting for someone high profile acts of charity, they released many details of the charitable action, to save the object’s lack of respect for privacy. In fact, no amount of kindness can match a little injury to human self-esteem. Pride was hurt, won’t attack today, but will gradually play a negative role in the future, and its impact incalculable. Also, true charity is not only requires equality between the two sides, should appreciate attitude, see beauty in one another. Such a charity on the premise of respecting each other have experienced baptism of the spirit, get rid of excess on the goodness of the heart. Removing clouds of inferiority, latent removal be ashamed as a lucky side. Want to come in the future, how warm it is experiencing.
Careful people’s life, to establish equal communication, giving direct access to the heart of comfort. Zhang Ai-ling said: “understand that mercy. “I said,” not only compassion but knows.
Mr Yang Jiang as a lady, but the compassion of the heart all her life and establish friendships with ordinary working class. She writes of the old King, wrote one driver, unfortunately; Grandma wrote the forest, written one of domestic perseverance. I believe that everyone is original, like Mr Yang Jiang’s kindness. “The origin of man, nature is good”, but the communication of love in action again and again, gray.
Thus, careful of the “small” is extremely important. Often a detail to eliminate each other’s picket line, often small caused a slight ripple ripples inside. Trust between the people and only a few are set up, carefully protected for that there has been a building block of every move. Built when the trust and goodwill are OK. Feel the sense of euphoria in the harmonious relationship, wore a heart and move on.
Carefully protected the lives of others, as if they were admiring the flowers. So, to get the “flowers in the world,” respect, “four o’clock in the morning, cherry blossoms have sleepless” beauty and power.

Firefly stars

Holidays, family to tianmu mountain vacation. A day after dinner, father suggested going for a walk in the hills, we readily agreed.
I took MOM by the hand, no lighting street lamps on the road, just a few steps with a lantern, there is, of course, a light bulb, but the light is Dim, not to have some fun. I lifted her head, surprised to find a piece of the sky, the stars, off angrily. I’ve never seen so many stars, were pleasantly surprised everyone. We were all impressed that flying with us, Grandpa said of his childhood to the stars than this beauty. Maybe, who called this is my first time to see such a beautiful night sky? Grandpa, I’m fussing.
Just then, sister-were given a surprise of an exclamation point, pointing to a shining star in the grass of the Elf asks what it is. Sister in elementary school, and how even the fireflies are not known, I told her it was a Firefly, she thought, suddenly realized: “I’ve ever seen in a book! “Delighted to catch the Firefly. I do not know why, listen to what she said, my heart was suddenly quiet, gentle sadness filled her. When I was her age, and catching fireflies in the bushes. Downstairs Firefly disappeared in the bushes, how long? Why I have not found?
I just watched star on his head, once upon a time, I didn’t look like this? Living in a steel and concrete pouring in the city, looked up and saw all big buildings, we will forget the pose, looking at the stars. People are constantly invading the night, secretly night lit, sleepless city grew rapidly, and the night elves-the Firefly has been pushed back to an unknown corner, what are the aesthetics of this was not a riot?
Sister caught fireflies, sad, close to tears. Aunt assured her that not all, there’s a park in order to create a romantic atmosphere, Tanabata release fireflies, when to take her to see. Sister, grinning, I sink deeper into grief. These cute little elves and now has become a tool for human enrichment, and it has just been released they will quickly hide, afraid to be caught by humans.
Humans are constantly discovered, developed, natural beauty and farther away from us. When the stars into space, Moon Moon, and imagination into productivity, is there anything else in this world of beauty? Through the human superficial skirt, we see only the poetry of deprivation and lack of aesthetics.
In the book of songs “bright night” fireflies light the way romantic scene has gone, are we going to make Firefly really only exists in books, please? Good things are disappearing, humans are getting tenacious. As everyone knows, the damage is eventually damaged themselves.
People, stop it right, we’re a Firefly, a night sky.

fear and love

Fear and love
You go back to occupy the city? Oh, come on, Dad had a few words to say to you.


Remember back, say hello to xianglixiangqin, can’t remember what it’s OK, people remember you God!


You before God to give you a second hand smoke, you say that you do not smoke, do what the non-smoking yourself? You smoke well? You asked which way he faces away!


Back on that day, neighbors and two aunts asked when you come back, you say, “this morning”, saying that “today” is not on the line? Standing on what accent? It out for a few days, rounding will not hit your tongue? Talk later, think of the villagers say!


Your uncles day drink with you, why don’t you do it? Who does not know drinking bad? You didn’t read that happy day you Uncle? What? Bad wine? Dried sweet potato wine, you can’t buy in the city!


Yesterday you told your mother to the southern slope of lawn mowers, you pick how much rice? You watch your mother much pain you inappropriate joking thing?


Hoe out grass back meal you just sit there, and you can’t help your mother wash the dishes? Where do you think your mother’s day free for a little while? Where the ball as a kid were you? Back in town you will do better?


Your suit, took off to the House now! Do not wear a suit, no one knows you are city people, nobody knows you’re a cadre? Wear big pants son, what a shame, not naked when you were a kid did you run? Themselves are not on the list?


Yesterday that pack a snack, you throw away? What? Expired? Farmers get out of date does not expire? Before that dim sum is your cousin to your MOM. Her day had been so tight bar you don’t know? So throw your heart?


Eg the little son of a bitch you don’t care to take care? Fat don’t eat the vegetables don’t eat, eat instant noodles all day, what could be better than eating bread nutrition? When your wife I can’t say, are you hurt children?


Next time try not to steal the money to your mother, I assume your wife doesn’t know. We’re also illustrates the hole in the body, have enough to eat and drink. You two for this thing up again, let us live!


Call back, let your MOM and grandson about two more sentences. Don’t use cell phones, that shit expensive. Remember!


What gas? Dad telling you this for your own good. Daddy you hear much, floating in life, forgotten roots! Anyone else, no one was talking about it. Really so that you also are worried that you’re worried that will be planted! You also need to listen to these people, they do, because they are really worried about you, people who love you. Who had a kind word, no good!


What gas? That cigarette!


[Profile] endless home, deep love, full text is almost no “concern” and “love” Word, or anger, or resentment, or censure, or reminds, is deeply revealing of a father and children lines “concern” and “love”, so touching. Language simple, well constructed, clumsy, funny love. (Gu Guinan)


Fear and love


Tea and water meet, it is a fate of past and present.


I flipped his own tea box lid and pulp pinch a teapot tea into rotund, elongated dry tea leaves under knock-on porcelain teapot, such as broken jade down shenjian. Breathed hot boiled water poured into the tea pot, as if eager to embrace what would have been doomed to the oath. Tea with a demented attitude spin around, dancing, one moment filled the teapot world.


Love tea, not just a cup of tea. New and old tea, seemingly sacred religious ceremony, all about tea.


Love tea, probably from the universality of the tea. Dark and stocky man big bowl tea refreshing thirst but old friends to get together, share a pot, not to mention the kindness or sentimental, in tiny cups and make them; without a partner, Zen Temple of deep experience, tea, self-its flavor, a cup of tea, and then Misty heaven.


I carefully moved out of the teapot lid, tea is fully stretched, clear green waters floating bubbles. Everything was silent, as if I heard a tiny sigh.


Who sighs? Who is holding lukewarm cups, full of sorrowful sigh?


Love, how can we not worry?


Whether China’s tea ceremony is also Japan’s tea ceremony, is about two words: silence, quietness, and clear,. Just across the thousands of years old tea rhyme today, who drops her days appears face powder obliterated, bustle behind closed doors, make a tea for yourself.


They show off to their distinguished tea leaves, tea set fine. They remove from the refrigerator in plastic bottle and run the air conditioner-tea drinks. Not by fears, how to maintain its full in the tea culture has a long history of the past simply?


Reminds of the Ken Tan Hong Yingming writes in: “tea pot without refinement is not dry, wine do not seek Creek and the bottle is not empty, and the violin without strings, often adjustable, Piccolo, without cavities, self, even Greek XI Huang, secret companion horse Nguyen. “True,” the tea refinement “, as long as the” pot is not dry “, tea is life, how can we not worry, rhetoric and flashy pollution that a pot of tea, and eventually clouds had longed for real life.


Love tea, but also worry about tea. The limpid clarity of love will never change, the kind of heavy grief is real. Sorrow and love no matter how staggered, final silence, into the Cup, sipping, fine tea bitter and sweet.


I took up the cups on the table, my tea’s gone cold, half of the volume of tea half sunk half floating in the Middle, like an old legend in under the freezing in the air, and half love, curly half sad.


[Profile] by combining with lyrical words about a culture of fear and love, difficult to manage. Author with subtle characterizations, penetrating intimacy, first and last chorus, full of spirit and energy, is wonderful in the “process” ornaments. To be able to write simple rich and complex, very delicate, long, strong, literary works. Abstract, wake up, giving the essentials in simple language, and this fine thought. (Luo Dongqing)


Fear and love


People say that is a harmonious society, “one does not spare” Lu Xun was to retreat; people say that society is love, so gloomy baffled du Fu is to be reconstruction. Seems those ancient fears is a harsh noise in the great love between heaven and Earth.

free love

Say is free of the most precious things in the world, and all the free stuff, and are seemingly small things such as dust, so easy to ignore their existence. Fish is not the lack of water, but in this most needed it, which is not careful to sense water is clear or cloudy. Our people are the same, often overlooked side of the most humble, most ordinary people who love. To the heart to feel love, for love.


There’s love in front of us, we took it for granted, and completely fail to see how valuable it is to own. We learn to feel and learn to appreciate often complain, often selfish piquancy.


Parental love, for one, said that “poor parents”. Parents love for children is a most selfless love is not about unconditional love, love is not comparable to anyone in the world. “A Prodigal who returns is more precious than gold.”, no matter how much we made a lot of mistakes, no matter how much damage you do their thing, they will have an unconditional pardon. Parental love, simmering as the spring breeze, caressed our puerile cheeks; parental love, like a summer breeze in Breeze, snatched our hearts hot; parental love, covered with autumnal fruit, let us to quench their thirst, give our hearts into the OASIS; parental love, as if the winter sun, drive away the cold of our hearts.


Remember that when I was in junior high school, because one little thing with her mother mixes his mouth, so angry, nor eat supper went to school. Next late start starving, regret no longer fill their belly out. At the moment out of College, I saw a familiar figure walking towards me, is my mother and she holding a big steaming chicken legs and says “children, hungry, get to eat it. “Then I of tears on arrived there, I side tears side gnawing with chicken leg, reflection with such of love, is Ah, they with silent of love care we health happy to growth, and we is put this love as a granted of thing, we even bored mother of chatter, hate father of severe criticized, but such of family is needs we with a stars Thanksgiving of heart to bearing in mind, to repay of. Learn to feel noble and selfless parental love, learn to thank them for, we ll give you anything.

lonely island

Someone laughed and said: “the door to look at people and look down upon people. And in today’s society, it is the torrent of people, far away people. “However, the bitterness behind the laughter, but gradual indifference isn’t just the neighborhood, is a faith cast in the human heart, within easy reach of the heart septum from person to person so far, across the” turn, self-serving “separated out of the so-called security across an icy world.


However, no man is an island, society is inextricably linked to you I always, if everyone lit the flame of goodness, garage, small, normal love, will be able to save the society of tomorrow.


Handy little things not necessarily small, into other people’s business is not necessarily belongs to someone else, if workers do not want to fill extra holes for someone else’s boat, if the kid also has a rowing is the Apple of his eye, how can he not because they have no right to do little things to regret?


Convenient things, showing not only a good habit, is the moral backbone of society. “Peng Yu”, “Xu Yunhe” scared ten passers-by stand looking at the poor little Yue Yue suffered two wheels rolling in the old days, is not only convenient to pull her aside. Cold rain beating not only Xiao Yue Yue falls under the land, is the heart of a billion of people’s apathy. Fortunately, someone willing to reach out, someone is willing to do such a handy little thing. Fortunately there are good scavenging Chen Xianmei willing to help Xiao Yue Yue out hers, she pulled this, not just the edge of Xiao Yue Yue pulled on the verge of death, but those of us indifferent bystanders out of the moral decline of the world.


A Junkman, while others are beyond all flawless. Her good, not the heroic earth-shattering, but enough to make the coldness of soul to tremor; she is beautiful, not a charming man, Maung, was enough to get everyone is impressed by her charm.


But I would also like to know you, this charm is not what you and I cannot and, convenient thing to do if we want, ordinary love spread around our world will no longer be as bleak and Dim on a desert island.


Perhaps ordinary love just one umbrella umbrella girl in Suzhou, it can be propped up love, propped up the sunlight, propped up a bridge between people and I think perhaps ordinary love is just an artificial respiration that girl in a white dress, it could save a life, save a moral, between saving and warmth.


No man is an island, convenient little things and love is usually a good bridge.


If there are no crows feeding, laughing why retire?


If there is no lamb kneeling milk, Mutton why ending the rest of his life?


If there is no gratitude, how can the world be so sunny?


Owners reward reflected his gratitude. Thanksgiving, a regular flower, unbeaten for life!


Grateful parents, family as honey, such as Diet Pepsi. No matter where you are, whether you are angry, but parents ‘ hearts are always with you. Grateful parents, has become an immutable truth. Meng Peijie, a 20 year old girl, has propped up the adoptive mother of the whole sky. Even if the adoptive mother just to take care of his three-year, but a thankful heart that drives her whole life to pay for it. She and her mother’s heart was tied together. Agar wood mountain to save his mother, this Burns cut the liver to save his mother. Burns took 60% liver transplantation to rush home to his mother. Endure pain, but as he made the family more strong. Grateful parents, so intimate as honey as very pleasant.


Thanksgiving community, life is full of vitality. Society such as water, such as fish. Apart from society, man’s survival? Thanksgiving is the responsibility of the community, is we call of the inner voice. Lei feng has no longer existed, but his spirit of serving the Community stretching is not the end. Guo Mingyi, he is a living Lei feng. He donated money, even donated 60,000 ml of blood. He knew that the strength of one person though the weak, but the good things we can bring hope to countless people. He quietly, only to make society better and harmonious. He feels that serving the community’s own responsibility. He knew that the service will be even more full and rich social life. Thanksgiving community, life is full of vitality.


Grateful motherland, national prosperity. Is the basis for the people of the motherland, love their motherland will make life more stable, we can make our motherland towards prosperity. Qian xuesen, father of two, masters of science, lured by the money and fame didn’t lost his direction, put their lives at risk, difficult to embark on return journey. Decades of old and new, he composed a song of Thanksgiving touching chapter in the country. Atom bombs, hydrogen bombs and missiles–have been born. Look at this Chinese Dragon quickly took off, they feel goose bumps. If no Qian xuesen, China’s national defense capabilities, how can such powerful? why the temple on the first space? why flying dragon is among the big sky. Grateful motherland, national prosperity.


Thanksgiving are like the spring breeze, blowing out a profusion of garden flowers.


Thanksgiving when heavy rain washed the dust.


Gratitude, like autumn leaves, floated out of the melon and fruit fragrance.


Thanksgiving as winter snow, finishing out one innocent world.


Let us learn to be grateful, then, gratitude was undefeated by regular flower of life!


Ever read a few self-help books, as heard in detail read about this holiday season, Kai-Fu Lee, with a copy of the do the best they can in the book. Kai-Fu told in clear, simple and intimate tone. Calendar in your own experience, pointing out the rules of business success and the means to achieve excellence. Looking at the book, cursory reading. This seems to be not yet have no experience of life in college students to some of the suggestions and advice, for a man of our education system does not seem to be closely linked. Whenever I finish reading a chapter, fine taste, slow thinking, Kai-Fu suggested that such views are suitable for any area of the world, our simple and complex field of education do they not? Kai-Fu Lee, eager and reckless young kid like me have injected a shot of strong sedatives.
Do best of themselves under a book structure clear, he made has unique of “success concentric round” theory, that to correctly of values for core, auxiliary to active, and similarly heart, and confident, and introspection, and courage, and mind six species important of life attitude as concentric round of second layer, again to search ideal, and found interest, and effective Executive, and efforts learning, and interpersonal Exchange, and cooperation Groove six species acts way pass constitute concentric round of most outside a ring. Linked, so that readers enjoy a structured novel. And speech verbatim in the book seem to be Kai-Fu Lee face-to-face transfer to your success. He cited his experience of a large number of cases, let the truth converge in one after another, entrepreneurial experience, and these experiences, values the very depths such as life in the reader’s mind.
Kai-Fu Lee, with exceptional courage, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates to win the task. He dares to play traditional, on the spot at the meeting pointed out that Bill’s error, such courage is exactly what our Chinese lack of boldness. “Did you ever try, how do you know you’re not? “This is the creed of Kai-Fu Lee, I would like to put this sentence into our children’s education, so it works, and we believe that this is our inspiring underachievers, encourage introverted students an excellent educational tool.
Of course, as one of the most admired is that Kai-Fu dared to break with Convention, stopped at nothing to pursue their own interests. In College, he resisted strong pressure, decided to give up their profession, go to your interested in computer science, in his words, “if I had not made that decision. Now, I may have just one United States small town a lawyer that is neither successful nor happy. “His experience once again witnessed the” interest “on the importance of personal development. “Interest is the best teacher for our children, they are not able to devote all their energy to their own interests, but we can find a way to nurture their interest, interest in following their own wills and walk, so in education, grasp the culture regulates children’s interest, an important one.
Of course, Kai-Fu also gave us wisdom. Mentioned in the book, once he wants to use the computer for presentations, the boss asked him to success in a very short period of time from 90% to the cent, Kai-Fu is a neat “two-pronged”, there are two computers so that both computers are to minimize the chance of failure 1% (10%*10%=1%), effortlessly raising the success rate to 99%. This “two-pronged” approach in the areas of interest in our very worthwhile. Take a lesson, only one programme, obviously the chance of failure is large, if there are two or more, even if your first package fails, but you can use the second set immediately, the third set of … …
Kai-Fu Lee, summed up a wide range of life philosophy “success in concentric circles,” and proposed “anyone can succeed; I can choose my success” this topic. This book for young people choose the road ahead of us, sculpture was in the process of promoting social progress help yourself a lot in the future. Dr Lee last reference: “to have the courage to change can change things, have to accept the things I cannot change, and wisdom to know the difference”, doing the best they can, make yourself happy, step by step to success.


The rituals, in order to distance the United States

Don’t go too close to the terrors of sleeping beauty.
Beautiful creatures is the spirit of nature, they are clever, will choose their own place to dwell in. Orchid blossoms in the Valley, its fragrance is distant deep and quiet; the most beautiful butterflies will perch on the darkened caves, its mystical and stunning. In a remote place, out of the dust of the temperament, perhaps the mountains millions of years has maintained a quaint serene time and space, giving it a clean and smart.
But a lot of people do not know how beautiful, even for nobleness devastated it. Butterfly specimens, needless to say fade, mute birds in the cage is that some people with good, might inadvertently lead to tragedy. Lin Ching-hsuan of the released birds, birds and turtles were caught by a catch, was carved on the carapace of a turtle releasing names. Seemed a paradox, love the harm caused by alarming.
Why we got into this cycle of repeated injuries? Because going too close to the grip was too tight, do not know how to keep a distance.
Pure beauty is always away from remote places such as rippling peaks on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, is guy with a soaring sky wear. “All things without saying”, in fact, nature has said clearly in silence: the place is noisy, dirty, knows what variables, so, good mountain water and stay far away, just as proud solitude, does not welcome people to bother. It is after all no understand. Even spelled out, I’m afraid we won’t stop. We suppress it down to the wonder of the world, also can’t conquer the wild desires.
Even so, we should still know how to gracefully maintain distance, maintain respect for beauty.
Kawabata said: “four o’clock in the morning, I found the Begonia flower sleepless. “Dancing flowers in the mist of dawn, pulse signalling, told us not to go near the otherwise dream broke.
Zhu Chengyu said “see America,” salute that is respected, respect, perhaps we don’t to surprise all of us.
Adventure in the cave from a few people to see butterflies on the wall, then walked softly. When we saw the butterfly away, can no longer keep up with should be extinguished candle, quietly quit, then quit and extinguish candles, is a salute to the United States.
As a member of numerous beauty people, I used to wonder at the beauty of deep vulnerability, was due to inadvertence, melancholy and resentful in the us so far away. It dawned on me that, pursuing beauty of the best position, not a peep and grabbing, but saluted. The ancients, “without sex”, not deceiving me.
So I was careful, lest we surprise hidden beauty. I hope that ahead across the dawn mist bowed slightly, as a touching beauty.

Relatively surprised Enron flew

Facing the indomitable human exploration, nature is like a beautiful Butterfly Habitat on the cave wall, to place hidden away in depth. We maybe should have realized that time has on the environment should be left with a fear of an appropriate distance.
United States has one of the old poem: “put a jar in Tennessee and fields all around on the resume. “This undoubtedly is the center of man’s impact on the world. Man, Victor journey for themselves and without Crown on the statue. Indeed, heaven and Earth have great beauty, vast expanse, heaven and Earth are so vulnerable, people’s words and deeds are likely to cause irreversible effects. And the impact of these, destined to be assumed that people want but do not have to take responsibility. In this regard, we have not a lot that can be done only at the outset, carefully, not to miss the inviolability of nature entered the territory.
On the natural environment to keep at a distance, it is also for the protection of one’s own. Naturally vulnerable people but even more vulnerable. Humanity as a whole, is invincible, and as individuals, is pitifully. Just imagine, if we call “got me to the peak of the mountain”, the hidden behind the mountain of fear and anxiety. Facing the back of the butterfly, and more the beautiful passing, we follow in the footsteps of represents how much frustration and concern. I believe that disaster is natural after the weight has been of frequent cry of anger. People like Dragon the other day the heroes described, “climbed the mountain, but there’s a nothing. “Human will feel so very lonely and frightening?
In fact, people can together with the natural poetic residence, it is crucial that is not intrusive, not conquest. Ancients also seek adventure, hanging around in the “cover on Wang Ke, passed out in daylight; Shu jiaoying, sometimes days”, but their attitude was so pious and careful. They’re just cane sandals, hand climbing foot step, enough is enough. I think that this expedition is the real touch of nature’s heartbeat and not to disturb it. So, the human environment the poetic, also make a quiet natural environment keep all things. We can freely enjoy the environment presented by Sky clouds, flowers Willow Moon water, but must not go exploring open nature, seeking sanctuary. The ancients called “harmony”, I’d rather to be understood as people in peacefully perched between heaven and Earth, and let the mind swimming in the world.
Like Lu Fangweng sentence: “relatively surprised flying Gull. “This is, of course, to say that fewer people, but if a man has no heart to your environment, without looking, nature ought to be relatively surprised with people flying.


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